Would you be interested in Geo-Fencing?

Would you be interested in Geo-Fencing?

We are looking for ways to demonstrate value to you to continue to earn your business.

We’d appreciate your feedback to help us shape our plans, strategies, and investment.

Geo-Fencing refers to technologies (usually wireless or GPS based) that allow you to know when something monitored moves into or out of a defined area.  For our Waterford village and surrounding area, geo-fencing might be employed to monitor and locate a child, a pet, or even an elderly parent who might be walking around our neighborhood.

For example, say your child was playing in the backyard with friends and when you checked back on them they had wandered off.  A geo-fencing tool might be able to quickly and easily report back to you that your child is next door near the swing sets.  Or if they’ve wandered out to the Catoctin Creek waterfall, you might want to quickly know that.

The technology that support consumer geo-location has gotten smaller, cheaper, and very reliable.  We’re considering adding this capability to our offerings and would appreciate your feedback on this idea.

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